Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Cost of Eating Healthy

Recently, a Twitter friend @LiteMochaMom posed the question, wondering how much other people spent on groceries a month, which sparked quite the chat!

Some people said $600 a month, others were up in the $1500 a month, depending on the family size.

Ryan & I spend maximum $600 a month, and if I can help it, I don't even want to spend THAT. For the most part, Ryan & I try to eat as healthy as possible. I try very hard to stay away from pre-packaged foods, although sometimes it is just an easy dinner to open up that package of chicken fingers and sit on the couch, and just indulge.

I search the sale items. Because really, I don't want to pay $15 for toilet paper! I sometimes don't understand why necessary items are just as expensive as confectionary items. When toilet paper goes on sale, I usually buy 2 packages.

I shop around too. I'm fortunate to live within 1 kms of 3 grocery stores - Loblaws, Independant, Farm Boy. I buy most of my produce between Loblaws & Farm Boy because they have the best variety and freshness, along with organics. I buy my basic staples at Independant because the sales are usually great for that. And, I buy our chicken breasts at M&M Meat Shops because I can usually get them on sale at $13.99 for about 12-15 pieces, which is great.

Of course the cost of eating healthy, organic, non-packaged can add up. A recent trip to the grocery store to buy Almond Milk & Rice Milk (since I'm not allowed dairy anymore) along with some pineapple and sauce for @bitofmomsense's recipe for Meatballs & Pineapple, along with a couple other items cost me a quick $30. Each of my milks were close to $3...ouch. That's like $1 less than buying 3 bags of milk.

My Advice for Grocery Shopping

1) Never go in hungry, you'll end up with items in your cart that you don't really want/need
2) Shop for the sales! Flyers are printed for a reason!
3) Buy staple items like toilet paper in bulk when they go on sale for a really good price
4) End aisles usually have the sale items saving you searching for them in the actual aisle
5) Shop the produce FIRST, so you fill up your cart with healthy, fresh fruits & veggies - YUM!

Happy Eating :)

Leslie xo


Lara said...

Do you drink the rice and almond milk? I use it for cooking because I can't have dairy, but I can't bring myself to drink it ;)

My goal is to spend $150 a week which I do by shopping the sales. And a bit of scrounging for leftovers from the grandparents ;)

Leslie said...

I use the almond & rice milk for my cereal and my protein shakes...but to drink straight up, I don't like.

I enjoy going to Ry's parents, because they usually send leftovers home with us, giving us a meal for the next night :)